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    How to install Ubuntu touch on android devices

    Ubuntu Touch is recently launched mobile operating system, which is available in beta version. You could use this mobile operating system, if you own an Android device.


    Here are the tips:

    Tips to install Ubuntu Touch

    Before using any tips, you need to know how to use the Ubuntu command line. Also you need to be prepared for using beta software.

    Step 1:

    You need to make sure that you have universe archive enabled. After enabling the Ubuntu universe archive, you could install the ubuntu-device-flash package.

    Step 2:

    You’d require tools in the Phablet Tools for installing Ubuntu for devices. These are located from 12.04 onwards. From your PC,

    • Tap Ctrl+Alt+T
    • Add Phablet Tools PPA by typing,

    install Ubuntu for devices

    • Again add Ubuntu SDK release PPA by typing:

    Again add Ubuntu SDK release PPA by typing

    • Update your device for using latest packages by putting:

    Update your device for using latest packages by putting

    • Install the ubuntu-device-flash by typing:

    Install the ubuntu-device-flash by typing

    • Type q to exit.

    Step 3:

    • Install Phablet-tool package by typing:

    Install Phablet-tool package by typing

    • You could list its tools by putting:

    You could list its tools by putting

    Step 4:

    For this enabling Android Developer Mode is necessary on your device.

    • To do this, open Settings and tap About phone<about.
    • Hit Build number seven times.
    • You could view a pop-up asking if you are now a developer.
    • You could have access to new menu in Settings called Developer options.
    • Open it and tick the box along with USB Debugging.
    • USB Debugging enables you to send commands on your USB connected device from the terminal

    enable Android Developer Mode

    Step 5:

    Connect your device through USB cable to your PC running Ubuntu. After authorizing it, type(at the prompt) adb devices to check the connection. You could see your device listed in a series of numbers and letters. If your device isn’t visible, type: adb kill-server

    Step 6:

    After this, you need to back up your Android applications and data. Note the device type and build ID.

    Step 7:

    For installing Ubuntu, you need to unlock the bootloader of device. This process wipes the phone or tablet.

    • Type at the prompt: adb reboot bootloader
    • Your device will reboot and display the following screen:

    reboot and display

    • Unlock the bootloader by typing: sudo fastboot oem unlock
    • You’ll see notification from screen.
    • Reboot the device by typing: fastboot reboot
    • You will be taken towards the initial setup.

    Step 8:

    Boot your device.

    • Now install Ubuntu by typing: ubuntu-device-flash –channel=devel –bootstrap

    Step 9:

    • After installing Ubuntu, go to Settings > Updates to get the latest version.
    • You could also select whether or not updates are installed automatically.

    select whether or not updates

    After following these tips, you could easily install Ubutu touch on your Android phone.



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