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    Njibolah Rahimi, winner of AoC Student of the Year Award

    Njibolah Rahimi, winner of AoC Student of the Year Award

    AoC’s Student of the Year award celebrates the achievements and successes of exceptional students who stand out from the crowd.

    The winner of the 2014 award is:

    Najibolah Rahimi, from Burton and South Derbyshire College

    Najib Rahimi came to live in the UK eight years ago as a refugee from Afghanistan without English abilities.  After studying an engineering course and A Levels at Burton and South Derbyshire College, he is going to Queen Mary University to study Astrophysics.   His aim is to work for organisations such as the European Space Agency and NASA.

    In addition to his studies, Najib pursues his passion for science in his own time, and recently designed a ‘non-frictional’ dynamo, winning regional, national and international awards, as well as receiving investment interest from both Rolls Royce and Land Rover.

    His interests are not only academic.  He was also a Student Ambassador for the college, Vice President of the Students Union and mentor for both primary and secondary school students.  He has also raised around £10,000 to provide electricity and running water in Afghanistan.

    His college said:

    “Najib has shown that with hard work and dedication, outstanding achievements are possible. From learning English at school to becoming an award winning student, Najib is a true inspiration to others.

    “Najib’s delight in and enthusiasm for science is obvious to all. Our belief is that not only will he become an outstanding scientist, but also an innovator and an entrepreneur.”

    About the Awards

    The purpose of the award is to find those students who have gone above and beyond what they may have been expected to achieve.  This could be success at a national or international level in sport, or overcoming hardship, disability or other adversity.  It is about rewarding a student of any age who inspires those around them.

    The award is open to AoC member colleges, who can put forward one exceptional student who stands out from their peers.  There is no restriction on the age, level or course of the nominee.


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