Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. — Oprah Winfrey

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    Ann Makosinski

    Ann Makosinski’s first serious toy was a box of transistors. She’s been tinkering ever since, creating projects with a hot-glue gun and household items. A few years ago, she used her hobby to solve a real-world problem. A friend in ...

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    How to study in Germany for free!

    study in Germany for free

    BBC reported that Germany has recently abandoned tuition fees altogether for international students. German and International students pay similar very negligible certificate fees for obtaining a degree from German university. Other popular destinations of studying abroad, like UK, USA and ...

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    10 Frightening New Technologies

    terrifying modern technologies

    Technology makes our lives better. You’re taking a MOOC class, and have your appointments organized on your computer. You watch wepisodes on your internet-capable high-definition television. You pay your bills electronically and save time and money. That’s fine and dandy, ...

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